Law enforcement offices in big cities all across the country are increasing security for the upcoming New Year’s Eve holiday. In Grayson County there won’t be the level of security that is expected in places like New York City and Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a few extra hands on deck.

Grayson County Sheriff Tom Watt said the department will have a few extra patrols out on the streets. He said the decision to do that is based more on past experience than any kind of increased threat level in this area.

Denison Police Department Spokesperson Lt. Mike Eppler agreed that their staffing increase isn’t due to the larger threat level in the country.

He said they are doing it, “Just to have extra manpower.” Eppler said “We aren’t anticipating any trouble.”

People, he said, can avoid problems by being aware of their surroundings, as usual.

Those who plan to drink, he said, should make sure to have a designated driver or make arrangements for a safe ride home in advance.

“Because of the extreme cold weather that’s being forecast, everyone should make sure their vehicle is in good working order,” Eppler said.

Sherman Police Department Lt. Stephen Dean said the department has not planned any type of special enforcement program for the holiday. However, he said, the officers who will be on the street with be cognizant of the fact that it is New Year’s Eve and will be watching for signs of intoxicated driving.