Anyone planning to shoot off fireworks for the official beginning of the new year should definitely dress warmly as the wind chill will push the local temperature into the single digits as the clock approaches midnight on New Year’s Eve.

The Fort Worth office of the National Weather Service said the wind chill will make the temperature feel like 9 degrees at midnight Sunday night, though the official low will be around 14 to 16 degrees.

“We are expecting a cold front to move through on Saturday and we’ll see falling temperatures through Sunday,” meteorologist Bianca Villanueva said. “It’s going to be pretty chilly (on the evening of New Year’s Eve) and the wind chill value is about 9 degrees for Sherman — so definitely stay bundled up.”

Before the cold front arrives on Saturday, the area will see a high for the week on Friday as the temperature is expected to reach 48 degrees during the day with 5 mph winds. There’s a chance for rain Friday night, with the low temperature expected to be around 36 degrees.

During the day Saturday, there’s a 20 percent chance of showers with a high expected to be near 43 and 5 mph winds.

“For the Sherman-Denison area, we are seeing a chance of showers on Saturday and the potential for some freezing drizzle late Saturday night into early Sunday morning,” Villanueva said. “During the day on Sunday, we continue with that chance of freezing rain.”

Villanueva said the freezing rain is unlikely to turn into snow because of the various temperatures in the atmosphere.

“If you imagine some sort of precipitation falling from the sky, if the entire atmosphere — from the cloud level all the way down to the surface is below freezing — that’s when we’ll see snow,” Villanueva said. “But in this case, we’re seeing a mix of temperatures in the atmosphere. There might be an area that’s above freezing so that’s where that snow melts and there’s not enough height between the melting layer and the surface to freeze back into snow, so we’ll just see that rain freeze on contact.”

She said despite the rain freezing on contact with the ground, it isn’t likely to stick around long.

“There may be some icy roads, some icy bridges, but there should be minimal impact on that,” Villanueva said. “There may be a few flurries mixed in but the majority of the precipitation, if it does fall, should be freezing drizzle.”

Following an expected low of around 28 degrees Saturday night, the high for Sunday will be near 33 degrees with 5 mph to 10 mph winds. The winds will pick up that evening to between 10 mph and 15 mph.

“By New Year’s Eve evening, which is Sunday evening, it should clear out — the drier air should filter in and we’ll see cold, cold temperatures that night,” Villanueva said. “We are seeing temperatures, for New Year’s Eve, the low temperatures are around 14-16 degrees.”

New year’s day is expected to be mostly sunny with a high near 26 degrees and winds between 5 mph and 10 mph.

“So it’ll be dry and below freezing,” Villanueva said of Monday.

The first evening of 2018 will be partly cloudy with a low around 14 degrees. Villanueva said it will likely be Wednesday before the area feels temperatures above freezing again, with an expected high of around 37 that day.

“This cold will stick around at least through the middle of next week,” she said.

With that kind of cold weather expected, Villanueva said people should remember the four P’s.

“You should definitely protect your pets, plants, pipes and people,” she said.