While the area didn’t have a “white” Christmas this year, there’s a slight chance Grayson County could see snow for New Year’s Eve or the start of 2018.

The next week ahead is going to be a cold one for Texoma. With high temperatures forecast to be in the 40s all week long, meteorologist Juan Hernandez with the Fort Worth office of the National Weather Service said each day this week has a 20 percent chance of rain.

“Wednesday through Friday it is going to be cloudy and give or take a degree each day, we will be in the 40s,” Hernandez said. “The warmest day will probably be Saturday, but it will also be in the 40s.”

Hernandez said Saturday evening will see a cold front pass through the area.

“The high will be 27 degrees that night and we will have a low chance of snow and sleet that night,” he said. “It’s only going to be about a 20 percent chance, but there still is that chance. I do not recommend changing travel plans yet based upon that. We will get a better handle on the weather that we can expect on those days closer to the weekend.”

Tuesday saw the area blanketed under a sheet of clouds while the temperature couldn’t climb past 37 degrees. On Wednesday, area residents have a better chance of seeing the sun as it is expected to be mostly cloudy with five to 10 mph winds from the northeast. While it is expected to remain mostly cloudy for the rest of the week, the evening temperatures will see lows below freezing Wednesday night and Thursday night, dipping down to 29 degrees and 31 degrees respectively.

Friday night will see a low of 34 degrees before the temperatures drop again with the arrival of the cold front and an expected low temperature of 27 degrees. Sunday night is expected to be even colder with a low around 17 degrees. For New Year’s Day, the National Weather Service is expecting it to be sunny and cold with a high near 27 degrees.

For the cold weather, Hernandez recommends people remember the four P’s.

“Protect your plants, pets, people and pipes,” he said. “Bring the plants in if they need it. Have a plan for pets if you are going out of town. Also, have a plan for family that may be coming into town.”

Hernandez also said that people can protect their pipes by buying pipe covers ahead of the cold weather.

“Hardware stores carry them,” he said. “The protective covers can keep the cold from getting to the pipes so that the pipes do not burst and cause a big mess.”

Even though over the last week Texoma has had 1.55 inches of rain, this winter has been below average for rainfall.

“The average for the month of December is 3.14 inches of rain,” Hernandez said. “In the last week, we have had 0.32 of an inch of rain and since Dec. 22, we have had about 0.17 of an inch of rain.”

Going forward, Hernandez recommends that people just prepare for the cold by having a plan.

“We will be pretty cold next week,” he said. “I do not anticipate there will be rain, so people just need to prepare for the cold.”