MG’s is moving.

Don’t panic; it is not moving far, just down the street in fact.

Long one of the area’s favorite hamburger haunts, which is located at 1721 N. Woods, and perennial Best of Texoma award winner, the 1950s themed hamburger restaurant, along with its jukebox of doo-wop platters, automobile and hot rod movie memorabilia, burgers and frings are relocating to the next building south. If you have to asked about “frings,” you have not been there yet. Appropriately, the new location is in an old filling station. MG’s has been at its present location for almost 36 years. Before that, the building housed another eatery, Bud’s No. 2.

Mike Adams (He is the M and his wife Gina the G in the business’s name) recently explained the decision to move the restaurant.

“We bought the gas station next door about 10 years ago,” he said. “It was an Esso, designed in 1960 and built in 1962. A few years later, they added the third service bay. When the dentist’s office next door became available, we bought that and moved my office in there.”

Adams said they’ve been in the MG’s building for almost 36 years.

“And it’s got a lot of wear and tear,” he said. “It needs to be modernized. We decided the best thing to do would be to convert this gas station. It will double our square footage from 1,500 to more than 3,000.”

Adams started the process in January, had plans drawn, and set about to satisfy the state regulators with asbestos removal and digging up old gasoline storage tanks and an abandoned sewer line that ran under the station.

“The actual remodeling process starts tomorrow (Dec. 15),” he said. “Shane Mitchell is doing the building, and understands the restaurant process.”

And what will become of the current MG’s building?

“We’ll probably do something with it,” Adams said. “It probably will be something food related since that is what I understand. People eat three times a day, so it’s hard to go wrong with that business.”

There is no scheduled completion date for the new location as yet, so until the relocation is complete, you can still visit the MG’s on the corner for some frings and a little trip back in time to the 1950s. Meanwhile, watch the Herald Democrat for more information on this Sherman restaurant icon and its relocation.