The Grayson College Board of Trustees recently approved guaranteed maximum prices for the viticulture laboratory and student success building projects. The guaranteed maximum price for the viticulture laboratory was approved at $1,323,431 and the guaranteed maximum price for the student success building was approved at $5,963,288.

The GMP is a price that if exceeded during the construction process, the liability for that cost would fall back on the contractor rather than the college. This is true unless the college takes actions that would increase the budget.

Plyler Construction is handling both projects. Grayson College President Jeremy McMillen said the construction company was chosen after a competitive bidding process.

“First, we issue a request for qualifications,” McMillen said. “We evaluate those based on a number of factors. We had multiple bidders with many out of the Metroplex area. Plyler had the best pricing and we’ve had a lot of experience with them. In our first renovation, they did most of that work. We take into consideration what they are going to charge us as a percent of the construction price. Plyler was well below the other competitors on that.”

McMillen explained the two projects will be funded without bonds by using reserves budgeted by the college.

“The board budgets $1 million each year into our preservation fund,” McMillen said. “That is really for when a piece of equipment or something like that is failing. But that also could be used for the new building projects if we don’t have those other deferred maintenance issues that we need to address. We still remain with a healthy reserve at the end of this.”

The student success building will be located directly behind the college’s current administration building. Designed as a place for students looking to enroll at the college, it will flow easily into other existing buildings on campus. The building’s location and elevator will also serve to improve the handicap accessibility on campus.

The college’s IT department and Writing Center, which currently occupy student study spaces on a temporary basis, will move into the student success building and free up space in the library.

The viticulture laboratory will replace outdoor storage with a flexible and fully-enclosed area, upping the building’s overall square footage. It will be located alongside the current Viticulture and Enology center located at the West Campus at Perrin Field.