Sherman High School Principal Chris Mogan recently presented the 2016-2017 SAT, PSAT and ACT results to the Sherman Independent School District’s board of trustees. Accompanying the presentation of the scores, Mogan outlined the district’s plan of action moving forward.

The number of SHS students that took the SAT in the previous school year totaled 134. The average critical reading score came to 557, higher than the previous year’s average score of 529. The average math score for 2016-2017 came to 548, 13 points higher than the previous year’s average score of 535.

Mogan expressed the school’s pride in the year’s growth.

“We’re very excited about how our kids are performing,” Mogan said. “We look forward to building that going forward.”

The 2016-2017 ACT scores came in slightly lower than the previous year. The average English score came in at 19.9, whereas the previous year’s score came in at 21. The average math score for 2016-2017 was 21.6, while the previous year’s was 22. The most recent average reading score came in at 22.1 while the previous average was 22.8. Science too experienced a slight drop with the 2016-2017 average at 21.4 and the previous average at 21.9. Overall, this recent average composite score was 21.4 just below the previous year’s average of 22.

Mogan said the school is looking at ways to improve those scores.

“We want to definitely look at things with how we’re doing,” Mogan said. “We want to look to increase those by working with our teachers and our students and support them to increase our average ACT scores.”

Participation in the PSAT continues to grow at the high school with this year being the largest number of participants ever. Mogan added two students scored almost a perfect score on the PSAT this year.

“We will look for them to get national merit recognition as we move forward and get more of those results,” Mogan said. “We have to preorder the tests so it’s kind of a guesstimate for whose going to participate. We actually had to order additional tests this past fall. We had more kids sign up than we’ve ever had before, which is fantastic news.”

There were 325 students who participated in the PSAT in 2017 and 268 students participated in 2016. 170 juniors, 90 sophomores and 65 freshmen participated this year. SISD Board Vice President Rob Wilson said the growth in testing participation is important.

“This was one area that we have really been wanting to get more participation in,” Wilson said. “I’m really glad to see that you all have come up with a strategy now to make sure we continue the growth in those areas.”

SHS hopes to offer a SAT and ACT prep class beginning in the 2018-2019 school year. The curriculum for this class would be designed to match testing dates and serves as a PSAT preparatory course for juniors. The district also has a goal to be able to pay for students to take the PSAT in 2018.