Sherman Police responded to a report of fuel pump skimmers found at the gas station located at 106 North Sunset on Friday. The skimmers were discovered when the card reader or a fuel pump stopped working and a technician was called. The technician found two skimmers on the inside of the fuel pumps.

Skimmers are devices used by thieves to “skim” credit or debit card information.

Lt. John Kennemer explained the suspect must have pried open the fuel pump to place the skimmers inside. There were no outward indicators of the skimmers’ presence. It is unclear how long they had been inside the pumps.

“That’s one of the issues,” Kennemer said. “We tell people to pull on the card readers because usually they clip on. Crooks get smarter. We suspect that they’re Bluetooth capable. Somebody could drive by and hit a button and download everything without going to the machine.”

At this time, there have been no reports of credit or debit card information being fraudulently used as a result of these devices. Sherman PD urges any customers who have used a card to get gas at this gas station to check their accounts and report any fraudulent activity to the customer’s bank as well as the police.

Kennemer suggested customers go online and perform a credit report check.

“And keep an eye on bank statements,” Kennemer said. “The one thing I would say is when you pull up to a fuel pump you should look around. If you see something has been tampered with it, doesn’t hurt to go inside and pay for fuel.”