After reaching springlike temperatures on the first day of winter, the Texoma region is expected to see dramatically colder temperatures Friday and the return of possible of rain showers.

Meteorologists with the National Weather Service’s Fort Worth office said the region has a 50 to 60 percent chance of receiving rain and isolated thunderstorms, as well as a daytime temperature plunge of more than 2o degrees.

“During the day it’s pretty much going to fall into the 40s and probably into the 30s, so it’s going to get very cold,” National Weather Service Meteorologist Patricia Sanchez said. “In terms of the big question — if we’re going to get some winter precipitation — it doesn’t look like it. Right now, we only have chances for very cold rain.”

Sanchez said the shift in the weather is the result of a cold front moving south out of Canada. The system, Sanchez said, was expected to reach Texoma late Thursday night and into early Friday morning.

“We’ll see a cold, Arctic air mass settle in over the area,” Sanchez said. “The winds are going to keep coming from the north and keep those cold temperatures around for a little while.”

Sanchez said that as the cold front passes through the region on Saturday and Sunday, the daytime highs will remain in the 40s and overnight lows will hover in the low 30s. She added that some areas may drop below freezing.

Despite the possibility of freezing temperatures and a slight chance for precipitation early Saturday morning, Sanchez said the warmer temperatures seen in prior days would largely negate any chances of snow or ice forming on the ground. Sanchez said Texoma’s weekend will remain dry as the front fades.

“For Christmas Day we have much of the same — mid- to upper-40s for the daytime high — so it’s going to be very cold, but it will stay dry,” she said.

Sanchez said rain could visit the region again next week but that isn’t as sure a bet as the return of another cold front.

“Looking at next week, it looks like we might not get out of the mid-50s on Tuesday and Wednesday,” Sanchez said. “And based on the models we have right now, it looks like we might get another cold front by the end of next week, around New Year’s Eve. It’s still a little too early to pinpoint if that front is going to bring any chance for precipitation, but the temperatures will probably go back down into the 40s again.”