Denison Police arrested a 25-year-old Plano woman on Tuesday night after she allegedly attempted to fill fraudulent prescriptions at two local grocery store pharmacies.

Lt. Mike Eppler said officers were contacted by pharmacy staff at the Kroger supermarket on West Crawford after they received at least one suspicious prescription request from the woman. Eppler said the woman left after dropping off her prescriptions and returned a short time later to the pick them up, but when she did, officers were there waiting to pick her up as well.

“She went to Albertsons pharmacy and Kroger and dropped off forged prescriptions,” Eppler said. “Then when she went to pick one up at Kroger and that’s when the officers got her.”

Eppler said he did not know what type of medication the woman was attempting to procure, nor did he have more detailed information as to how she forged the prescriptions. The Denison Police lieutenant said pharmacies however, have systems in place that can identify suspicious or unauthorized prescriptions.

“Pharmacies can pretty much always tell when something’s not right,” Eppler said. “They deal with doctors and employees in their offices all the time. There’s certain information that they regularly check and if it’s not in the norm, then they’ll question it and call us and let us know.”

Eppler said the woman was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance and use of a fraudulent driver’s license or identification document.

“Other than it being illegal and possibly facing severe charges for it, you shouldn’t take medication that’s not prescribed to you because it may not have the same reaction to you that it would in the person it’s meant for,” Eppler said. “It could be very, very dangerous.”