The fourth-grade student council members at Jefferson Elementary School learned the importance of giving back on Tuesday. Jefferson Elementary librarian and co-director of the student council Randi Evans said students have been collecting needed items for the past few weeks.

The items are going to a good cause.

“We collected toiletries and items such as mugs, coffee, blankets and socks for veterans,” Evans said. “I want children to see the good they’re doing. Some veterans have no family, and this will help them have a good Christmas.

“I wanted the children to understand that some people do not have the luxuries other people do.”

Evans told the students, “We’re giving people sugar with coffee. Some people don’t have the opportunity to get sugar or coffee.”

When Evans asked the children if it felt good to help others and make them feel happy, all the students replied with a resounding “Yes!”

She held a small demonstration to show the children what gifts could possibly pair up. “You can put the shampoo with conditioner,” she said, “or tea and sugar with the mugs.”

When Cheryl Brandon of the Senior Passport group at Wilson N. Jones Regional Medical Center contacted Evans, Evans knew they should collaborate their efforts. Senior Passport is a comprehensive program designed to assist seniors age 55 and older to get help with a variety of possible challenges.

To prepare for the gift giving, the children made personalized name tags for the gifts. They also paired up gifts and placed them in bags. All completed bags were put in bigger boxes to bring to the recipients.

Evans said the gifts will be delivered to a few local nursing homes and the Bonham Veteran’s hospital to remind them there are people who care.

“Every veteran and senior citizen has a story,” Evans said. “I want them to feel like there are people who still care about their life stories.”

Co-director Renee Copley said this is an opportunity for the children to give back. She also said the Student Council is a great group of kids.

“These children represent Jefferson Elementary very well,” Copley said. “They are the leaders of the school when are collecting items. They raise money for the Student Council to be able to give back to the community.”

Copley said she is amazed by the kindness shown by the fourth graders. “Some of these children could be hurting at their own home, yet they are still giving.”