The Grayson County District Attorney said a Collinsville student arrested last month will not be returning to the school.

On the morning of Nov. 28, the mother of an 18-year-old student at Collinsville High School contacted Collinsville Police to report her son was acting in a manner that caused her concern that he was a danger to himself and other students. The Collinsville Independent School District was notified and school personnel placed the district into lockdown.

The student was detained and transported to the Texoma Medical Center on an Emergency Detention Order. All of the behavior and incidents in the matter occurred at the reporting party’s home, not at the school.

The lockdown was released at approximately 10 a.m. that day. As of Friday morning, the student was withdrawn from Collinsville ISD.

The day of the incident, the Grayson County District Attorney’s Office began working with a representative of the Behavioral Health Center and the local mental health authority, the Texoma Community Center, to make sure the student was detained and a treatment plan started.

District Attorney Joe Brown explained the investigation is ongoing to determine whether the case should be handled in the criminal justice system, the mental healthy system or both.

“There was certainly behavior that would concern any parent of a child at the school,” Brown said via email. “Police did recover what was termed a ‘hit list’ of names that the young man had of people that he said he wanted to kill and there was at least one weapon at the house that he had access to. However, his mother intervened early in the episode, thank goodness, and did the absolute right thing and called authorities. There were no actual threats communicated by the young man against the school or the individuals.”

Brown went on to say in order for a threat to be prosecuted criminally, the threat must have been communicated to someone in a manner intended to threaten or alarm.

“The list itself is not criminal,” Brown said. “However, we are certainly looking at some of the other behavior and may decide to move forward criminally. The young man has now been transferred to the state hospital in Wichita Falls, and we are coordinating with mental health authorities to make sure he stays in their custody for as long as is appropriate. We have been promised that our office will be notified upon his release, and we can proceed with appropriate criminal charges at that time.”

Collinsville ISD Superintendent Mark Dykes explained it was falsely reported that a student was arrested on campus with a weapon.

“We are very fortunate that we have never had an incident where a student has been arrested on campus with a weapon,” Dykes said. “But we have security measures in place to deal with those type of incidents.”

Brown said the student’s mother’s early intervention was important in ensuring everyone’s safety.

“I really believe the system has worked how it should at this point,” Brown said. “The mother did the right thing. The police moved quickly to detain the young man, and our mental health authorities have worked well with us to get him in a lockdown facility. We will do everything we legally can with the criminal system if that becomes necessary.”