The Denison City Council recently approved a 4 percent salary increase for City Manager Jud Rex following his annual evaluation last month. With the evaluation and raise in compensation, the council voiced their approval of Rex’s performance in the leadership of the city.

“It is with great privilege that this council has the chance to work with Jud Rex,” Denison Mayor Jared Johnson said during the Nov. 20 council meeting. “The citizens of Denison are in exceptional hands with him at the helm of the city. While every decision may not make every citizen happy, he has the best in mind for the 23,000 residents we serve in the city.”

In addition to approving the annual increase to Rex’s salary, the council also approved a one time bonus of $10,000 and an increase of $10,000 per year for the city manager’s deferred compensation package. The motion for these increases was approved by the council in a unanimous vote.

Rex became city manager for Denison in 2015 following the resignation of former City Manager Robert Hanna, who left to pursue a position with the city of Abilene.

The Herald Democrat submitted a freedom of information request for the evaluation following the approval by the council. The documents provided by the city included six evaluations by five members of the city council and Johnson. An evaluation from council member Michael Baecht, who was absent for the meeting, was not included.

The evaluation graded Rex on a set of 36 criteria ranging from his interactions with the council to his leadership and relationship to the council members. Rex was graded on a scale of one through five on each criteria with a three representing that he “effectively performs all essential functions of the job” and a five representing “effects measurable and lasting improvements in organizational performance.”

On all of the evaluations, Rex’s lowest score was a three, with most criteria falling between four and five.

While council member Bill Malvern did not comment on any individual topics or criteria, he ended his evaluation with a comment of “minority employee empowerment.”

Malvern said he has talked to Rex about hiring minorities in the past, but hasn’t been able to follow up with him recently. While Malvern said he has seen minority city employees working in various departments, he hasn’t seen many working in administrative fields within city hall. Malvern said he was satisfied with the responses he has gotten from Rex.

Other council members took the opportunity to voice their approval of Rex’s work over the past year.

“It is very evident that Jud is the right person at the right time to be our city manager,” council member Janet Gott said in the evaluation. “It is a pleasure to work with him and he has my complete confidence.”