After recently finishing a neutral paint job on the city’s Harrison Water Tower, Sherman officials are discussing what logos will be displayed on it and the Gallagher Water Tower.

“That’s a great big space there that people would like it to be a billboard for different things,” City Manager Robby Hefton said of the work recently completed on the Harrison Water Tower near Old Settlers Park. “But we’re also having another tower painted at Gallagher that we’re going to have the same issue for. What I’ve told the crews on this one is for right now — today — let’s leave them undecaled, if you will. We’ll paint them both in this (neutral) fashion and then in the coming weeks and months, we’ll figure out what the best path is for what to put on those towers.”

The discussion of logos for the water towers came during a recent update the City Council received on local projects going on in Sherman. The Harrison Water Tower was recently revealed after being under a shroud for several weeks while crews sandblasted and put primer on the tank.

Hefton said the cost for painting a water tower such as the one on Harrison Avenue is right around $1 million, including adding the “Sherman: Classic Town. Broad Horizon.” logo the city uses.

“What I would hope and expect is any other entities that might want to have representation on there would help with the cost of putting whatever logo that wasn’t the Sherman splash on there,” Hefton said.

After a question from council member Willie Steele, Hefton explained that city officials have had discussions about selling the naming rights for the towers.

“We don’t paint those very often, so if it says ‘Sherman Bearcats,’ that’s a long time,” Steele said of the Sherman Independent School District mascot. “I was thinking Austin College would be a great candidate.”

Hefton added that it would be a 15-year commitment for anyone adding a logo to the tower. Council member Pam Howeth said she knows Austin College and the Sherman Independent School District are interested in having their logos featured on the city’s water towers.

“Austin College has been in contact with me and said they would be willing to design a logo that would combine the Bearcats and AC,” Howeth said. “But somehow we’ve got to work Sherman in, as obviously it’s our water tower.”

Hefton said he also recently found out pilots use the decals and marking on water towers to help get them back on track when their instrumentation fails.

“So we wouldn’t do it only for that reason, but there are many reasons to have the Sherman logo splashed on there,” Hefton said. “Then the next question is, is there room for other things on those tanks. To the extent that that would be allowable, we want to consider what would be the most appropriate, on both the Harrison tank and on the Gallagher tank, which will be started in, I think, early 2018. That will be about a six- to nine-month process, I believe.”

Before the discussion ended shortly after Hefton reiterated that a decision would be made in the coming months, Howeth made a tongue-in-cheek suggestion for the towers that would cater to pilots.

“Maybe we should just put ‘Sherman Airport’ and an arrow,” she said.