In Grayson County, some 900 children are expected to receive a Christmas present with the help of the Salvation Army Angel Tree program.

Salvation Army Maj. Andrea Ellis said the trees are going up at Midway Mall, Walmart in Denison and other area stores. She said most of the gifts provided for the program come from corporate trees and trees adopted by groups like churches and other organizations. She said there are currently still 400 children’s angels waiting to go on a tree.

The 900 children that will be helped this year, she said, are about the same number as last year. The goal of the program, Ellis said, is to give those children that same special moment of magic and wonder on Christmas morning that other children feel.

“It lets a child be a child,” Ellis said.

Being a child can be hard in families where finances make it difficult for parents to pay to keep a roof over everyone’s head, buy food and keep the utilities on. Add transportation costs and health care to that list and there is often very little left over for toys to extras.

Ellis said the angels on the trees come with three wishes. One is something that the child needs and then there are a couple of wishes for things that they want. The Salvation Army tries to make sure each child receives at least three gifts.

The Salvation Army asks that each angel and the gifts associated with it be returned to the Salvation Army by Dec. 15. The gifts should be left unwrapped.

Those who would like to host a tree can do so by calling 903-868-9602 and asking for Maj. Andrea Ellis.