A Southmayd woman was killed Thursday night after she attempted to walk across a roadway and was struck by a passing vehicle.

Southmayd Police Chief Chad McKee said at approximately 8:30 p.m., Nikki Crisp, 31, exited a vehicle which was parked near the 21000 block of State Highway 56 and began to cross the dimly-lit section of freeway.

“She was with her boyfriend and I think they were having a verbal (dispute),” McKee said. “Then she got out and walked across the highway. That’s when a pickup, coming from the opposite direction, came by and struck her.”

Crisp was flown by air ambulance to a Dallas-area hospital, where she later died. McKee said the driver of the pickup did not have a cellphone and drove a short distance down road where he was able to reach a phone and call for emergency assistance. He then returned to the scene of the collision.

McKee said the department considered Crisp’s death to be accidental, and he urged pedestrians to always walk against the flow of traffic, wear brightly-colored or reflective clothing and to walk in well-lit areas whenever possible.