Sherman recently approved a zoning change to allow a single-story office building to be built on the northwest corner of the intersection of North Travis Street and West McLain Street. The developer said the building will be the first element of a planned mixed use commercial development on the property, which is just north of Lamberth Road.

Jeff Lightfoot, general partner of JKL Partners LLC, said in a prepared statement that the planned 4,850-square-foot office buildings will be the first of two identical buildings that will face Travis Street and share a common parking plaza. The Sherman City Council approved a zoning change from a multi-family residential district to a retail business district for the land at its meeting earlier this month.

“Looking on the frontage of Travis as it develops out in the future, we see more need for office space,” Lightfoot said to the Sherman Planning & Zoning Commission, who also approved the zoning change last month. “And phase two (will be a) mirroring image of the same building. And then the back portion, as we continue to see the housing development here in Sherman increasing, our thought initially is maybe something targeting senior living.”

Lightfoot said the primary tenant for the office building in phase one of the development will be Lone Oak Investment Group, which is a Raymond James investment brokerage office led by Lightfoot. The building will also offer up to 2,500 square feet of office space for lease.

Lightfoot said the back half of the three-acre tract of land at the corner will be developed into five to six senior-suitable duplexes, with initial plans calling for 1,200-square-foot two-bedroom units with attached garages.

The commission’s board of adjustments also approved an exception for the property to allow a six foot wrought iron fence with shrubs for screening on the property.

“I like the look of a natural screening versus the back of a concrete wall,” Lightfoot said to the commission last month.

Lightfoot said the development will be built and managed by Lone Oak Property Group, a unit of JKL Partners.

The zoning changes were approved unanimously by both the council and P&Z commission.