A Denison High School student was arrested Monday morning after allegedly making statements that he wanted to harm others. The 16-year-old sophomore was taken into custody for terroristic threat and resisting arrest.

School personnel said the male student made threats about injuring a lot of people. Denison Police Department Lt. Mike Eppler said the investigation is complete and the report will be sent to the Juvenile Probation Department in the morning.

“The threat was not towards any specific person,” Eppler said. “He just was angry and started making threats that he was going to hurt people. We don’t feel like there is any danger.”

DISD Public Information Spokesperson Sherry Christie said the minor has been withdrawn from school. She explained there was no imminent threat. Christie went on to say that as part of the standard protocol police are always called in response to a threat of any kind.

DISD Superintendent Henry Scott said the student would not be admitted back to DISD unless a judge mandates his admittance. If mandated, the student would likely attend Pathways, the alternative high school.

“If any student makes a threat to harm other people we don’t let that student back into school unless the court orders us to accept that student,” Scott said. “It doesn’t matter what the scope of the threat is. We take these things in today’s environment and in this country with people doing violence to people very seriously.”

Scott explained administration would have contacted parents in the event that they felt any danger was present.

“These things are taken very seriously and if any student was considered to be in danger, I can assure you that high school staff would have contacted parents,” Scott said.