Sherman Fire-Rescue officials attributed the “the misuse of fire products” as the cause of a hotel fire last week which left one woman dead.

Fire Marshal and Division Chief Danny Fuller described the fire, which broke out in a first-floor unit of the Lone Star Inn and Suites off Texoma Parkway, as accidental. Fuller said he and other investigators believed the deceased woman, Leslie Cecile Buchanan, 63, of Sherman, used some type of flammable product and may have left it unattended prior to the blaze.

“We don’t really know exactly what she used, if it was cigarettes, or matches or what,” Fuller said. “But we know the fire started somewhere around the bed, in that area.”

Fuller said fire crews dispatched to the hotel encountered intense heat and flames, which melted the room’s tempered glass windows and completely burned through the transom above the door.

“It was a total flash over, which is heating every combustible material up to ignition temperature,” Fuller said. “Everything in that room, from floor to ceiling, caught fire.”

The fire marshal said Buchanan’s body was found in the bathroom and no one else was inside the unit. No other injuries were reported.

Fuller said the cinder block and concrete construction of the hotel kept the fire contained to Buchanan’s unit. He added that all guests were successfully evacuated from the building during the incident and credited the hotel’s operational smoke detectors in alerting them to the fire.

“That was one really good thing about that particular place,” Fuller said. “I was glad they had the smoke detectors and they had them working.”

Fuller said the hotel guests were allowed to return to their rooms within several hours.