Sherman-area residents looking for permanent makeup services may soon have a new option.

The Sherman City Council recently granted a specific use permit to Sarah Groves and Stephanie Graves, who plan to open Sculpted Brow & Lash Studio in part of the building at 112 North Travis Street, which is between Houston and Laurel streets. The specific use permit was limited to allow only permanent makeup and only by Groves and Graves at this location. The council’s action followed the recommendation of the Sherman Planning & Zoning Commission last month.

“These ladies wish to put in an eyebrow contouring business and an eyelash business and it will involve tattooing permanent makeup,” property owner Glenn T. Nix Jr. said to the commission.

Graves said she and Gross were recently trained to do permanent makeup.

“We took a class, and we were certified to do it,” Graves said. “It’s basically just using a tool and it has about 9 to 12 fine, little needles. You just dip it in ink and you just scratch the surface and it makes like an eyebrow hair strokes to make a fuller brow. It’s not like using a (tattoo) gun or anything like that.”

Groves explained a tattoo gun actually reaches the bottom layer of skin, while the tool she and Graves will be using only reaches the top layer.

“(This is a) new business for us starting up,” Groves said. “We were looking for the Sherman area because it’s a more populated area for doing semi-permanent tattoos for the eyebrows, lash services, which would include lash extensions, lash perms and salon work.”

Before approving the specific use permit, commissioners expressed concerns about an approval allowing other types of tattooing to be done at the location. Director of Development Services Scott Shadden explained the specific use permit could be specifically tied a tattoo studio for permanent makeup.

“If they decided they wanted to turn it into a full tattoo studio, they’d have to come back,” Chairman Clay Mahone said.

Groves and Graves said they were fine with that condition as they don’t plan to do anything other than eyebrows as that is all they’re certified to do. Vice Chairman Kyle Patterson also explained the condition to Nix since he is the owner of the property.

“He’s basically saying if we approve it, it would be limited to this business so if for some reason they were to get out of their lease and move and you wanted to lease to someone else and they wanted to do the exact same business, you’d have to come back before us again for approval,” Patterson said.

Nix said he understood the condition and the request was approved unanimously by the commission, though commission member Eric Elliott was absent from the meeting. The council also approved the specific use permit unanimously, though council member Pam Howeth did ask about state licensing requirements before the vote.

“The state requires them to get city approval before they can issue a license,” Shadden said. “They made an application for license and the makeup falls under the tattoo, since we do have the specific use permit for them.”

Shadden went on to explain businesses offering permanent makeup wouldn’t be allowed to open without a state license and could have their specific use permit revoked if they were to open without a license.