Denison city staff and elected officials came together recently to recognize a city employee with its meritorious service award. Mayor Jared Johnson and City Manager Jud Rex presented the award to Municipal Court Clerk Tame Corson for her service to the court while it has been short staffed in recent weeks.

“We normally have three municipal court clerks full time,” Rex said. “But due to illness and vacation she has been flying solo for the past few months.”

Rex said the shortage in the court clerk’s office was relatively unexpected, but Corson was able to hold the position with little trouble or complaint. For her efforts, Corson was awarded a gift card and a day off from work, Rex added.

“Tame embodies the core values of the city, especially service and teamwork,” Rex said in an email Thursday. “She greets everyone with a smile and her attitude reflects positivity and optimism. Team Denison would not be complete without Tame.”

For her part, Corson said she was “shocked out of (her) mind” when she learned that she would be recognized by the city for her work and overtime over the last few months. While she said she was happy with the overtime that she has gotten in recent weeks, Corson said the additional recognition made it all the sweeter.

“To be the extra attaboy award was more than I expected,” she said.

Corson has worked with the municipal court in Denison for the past three and a half years, she said. Before this, she worked more than 23 years with the city of Plano.

Over the past few months, Corson said she has relied on the support from other city employees, including those with the water department. At home, she said her family helped with chores and other duties while she was busy with work.

“It was really a team effort all around,” she said.

Following the long vacancy at the court offices, Rex said, the city hired an additional clerk to share the duties last week. Corson said she has yet to take time off, noting that it takes a while to get someone new up to speed in the offices.

For his part, Johnson said Corson’s work serves as an example of the city’s values and that the city is fortunate to have employees such as her working within.

“(Tame) is an exceptional employee that exemplified the city’s core values in her everyday work,” he said. “Team Denison is blessed to have her helping our citizens every day when they come to city hall. You can always count on (Tame) to greet you with a friendly smile and ensure that you get all the information you need related to our court system.”