Three Sherman City Council candidates answered questions last week at the Municipal Election Forum hosted by North Texas Young Professionals. District 2 candidates Commie Linson and Josh Stevenson participated alongside the at-large, Place 1 seat candidate, Ronald Rose. Rose’s opponent, Willie Steele, did not participate in the forum.

The following represents the fourth question asked of the candidates, and their responses. Candidates were not given this question before the forum.

The city of Sherman is not an island. Being a member of the city council requires you to work together with quasi and nongovernmental entities as well as surrounding cities. What are your views on working together with neighboring cities and other organizations?

Linson: “Being a part of an organization called Church Women United, which works with organizations outside of Sherman and other entities, I think it is important to know our neighbors and work with our neighbors. That way we can come together as a group and we can see where we are going in the future together.

“Sherman is at the point where we’re about to run out of boundary lines. So, what we want to do is to know what’s going on in each surrounding city around us.

“I think that I have the personality and the skills necessary to go out and meet new people, to work with other cities, work with other organizations and for us to grow together and work together to make something happen as a community of people.”

Stevenson: “Well I can tell you because I do it every day, the cities in Grayson County are great at working together to reach common goals. We are really blessed to have that here in Grayson County. The city of Sherman works with the city of Denison, works with the city of Whitesboro, which works with the city of Whitewright and on and on. And that communication is key to getting a lot of things done.

“As a tanker in the army, I was on a crew of four people and you live and die by what those three other men do. You put your life in their hands every day. So, I’ve come to understand that teamwork really does make the dream work, as cheesy as that sounds.

“You got to work together. You got to know who the person on the other side of the table is. You have to know their needs. You have to know their wants.

“I think the city of Sherman is positioned to be the leader in Grayson County. We’re the county seat. We’re the largest city. We should be taking the lead. We should be building those relationships.

“I have pre-existing relationships with a lot of the people out in the county already as part of my current job. And I think having those relationships and knowing who those people are will go a long way in getting things done a little bit faster.”

Rose: “Short answer is, of course, I would. If it means benefiting Sherman, of course, I would work with anybody. I do it every day at home with my wife. I try to get my way. I have to work with her. Yes, I would.”