Attendees were treated to dining and entertainment at the annual Bras for a Cause fundraising event Saturday evening at North Texas Regional Airport — Perrin Field. As the largest Women Rock fundraiser, the event included both live and silent auctions.

Volunteer Women Rock board member and breast cancer survivor Michelle Honeycutt said even small donations make a big difference for the organization.

“Every time we have a $100 donation that’s a mammogram for a woman that might not be able to have one,” Honeycutt. “They helped me with my insurance deductible. That’s a lot more than a $100. So you know it is so vital that we have a good fundraiser. That we are able to continue helping women with the cost of their medicines, medical and their household costs.”

Women Rock uses funds to provide assistance with diagnostic mammograms, breast ultrasounds, physician referrals and other treatment and recovery related services. The organization also provides support and information for breast cancer survivors and caregivers.

Honeycutt said the organization has had more women than ever come in for assistance this year.

“This fundraiser is vital for us to be able to continue forward and continue to grow,” Honeycutt said. “When you can do a big fundraiser where people can come out and have fun and have a great show then they’re more willing to spend some money on some nice items.”

Attendees were provided dinner and refreshments and encouraged to participate in games and activities. After spending some time mingling and bidding on silent auction items, eventgoers ate as awards for donors, celebration of survivors and a moment of remembrance occurred on stage.

Attendee Jennifer Stowers said the best thing about the Bras for a Cause event is the atmosphere, caring and support.

“Women Rock is the best support system ever,” Stowers said. “It helps women in need and the more money that the organization can provide to these women, the more things they can get if they didn’t have the money to get them. If they catch it early it could cure their cancer.”

Attendee Joanne Johnson said the event raises awareness that Women Rock is a local organization within the community and the services are available for those that need them.

“I think that Women Rock is a great local cause to celebrate because we know that all the money from this organization stays here locally,” Johnson said. “That’s where we choose to put our money. The majority of their money goes for prevention treatment like mammograms, biopsies things that most women who don’t have insurance or whose insurance doesn’t cover those services.”

The main attraction for the evening’s entertainment was the performance by several men dressed in extravagant bras. The men rapped, danced and performed in the name of breast cancer awareness.