Families in all manner of costumed finery filled Travis Street Thursday night as Halloween festivities in Sherman got underway with the third annual Trick or Treat on Travis Street.

The event got underway at around 6 p.m. and continued through 8 p.m. and saw thousands of locals turn out to seek treats from downtown merchants.

Dressed up staff at Old Iron Post drew a crowd handing out candy to ghouls and ghosties of all ages and sizes. Old Iron Post General Manager Seth Hearn said the staff at the bar and grill get excited about the event.

“We love joining in on anything that is going on in downtown Sherman,” he said. Hearn said the event has proved to be a boon to the Old Iron Post long after the trick or treaters go home.

“We have conversed with plenty of people who said they had no idea we were down here,” Hearn said. Those people, he added, end up coming back to the place with their families and become loyal costumers.

While the point of the evening for the children is the candy and entertainment, the point for local merchants is spreading the word about the kinds of shops and activities that are available in downtown Sherman.

Gary Roberts, who owns two businesses in downtown Sherman, said events like the trick or treating are vital to downtown shops.

“This is my third year,” Roberts by phone from the Downtown Grilled Cheese Company. “The popcorn shop will be taking part as well,” he said of his other business in downtown. “The first year we didn't know what to expect. We had 3,000 and we were expecting 300.”

He said now shop owners in downtown are ready for between 3,000 and 5,000 trick or treaters.

“But if we have only 300, we will be just as happy,” he said. The main thing, he added, is that kids have a fun safe place to start their Halloween celebration. After that, it is about letting people see the new things that have come to downtown since the last time they were down there.

“It is just good family fun,” said Misty James of Sherman about the event. She said her family didn't get to come to the event last year because she had to work so she took the night off work this year, especially for the fun.