Sherman Fire-Rescue officials said demolition work led to a fire at the old Burlington Building on Thursday morning.

Fire Marshal Danny Fuller said demolition crews working with torches inside the otherwise vacant building had left two to three hours before the fire started. Fuller said no one else was on the property at the time and no one was injured.

“Somehow, during their process, something was left smoldering and it built up and caught that area where they had been working on fire,” Fuller said

903 Brewers Founder Jeremy Roberts, whose facility is next door to the Burlington building, said he called emergency dispatchers after he smelled smoke in the area and found it was originating from the building.

Fuller estimated the building to be roughly 300,000 square feet and said crews had to take extra precautions not only because of the facility’s size, but because portions of the building were constructed with aging materials.

“It didn’t take but 20 minutes to extinguish, Fuller said of the fire. “But we were there on scene and stayed on scene because of the age of the building and to make sure there was no rekindle.”

Fuller said the fire resulted in several thousand dollars in damages.