Editor's note: The headline of this article has been updated to better reflect the circumstances. 

A freshman at Sherman High School texted her mother Wednesday during the school day saying that she felt scared after hearing a fellow classmate's comment during class. During a monthly program entitled Bearcat Builders, students were asked to go around the circle and say a bit about themselves. It was during this exercise that the alleged threatening comment was made.

Sherman Independent School District Director of Communications Emily Parks said the high school's assistant principal immediately began investigation after the student's mother brought the situation to their attention.

“No information to confirm the incident has been discovered,” Parks said. “However, any time that we find out information about a threat or alleged threat we take that very seriously and we bring in authorities if it's appropriate. Right now there's nothing that we've been able to confirm but we will continue investigation tomorrow.”

Several students and a teacher were interviewed regarding the incident and could not confirm the threat. The parent who reported the incident stated that they did not feel the threat was immediate.

Parks explained more staff and students will be interviewed to continue investigation into the incident.

“We take any report of a threat very seriously,” Parks said. “We would never ignore or brush something like this off. We will continue investigating to confirm or find out it was or was not a threat. That does not negate the seriousness of reporting something. Speak up and speak out if you hear something or feel uncomfortable about something please let us know. We want to make sure our kids are safe. We will investigate to the full extent.”

Parks said no information was sent home to parents regarding the incident Wednesday because the district was unable to confirm the details of the event. If anything is confirmed in the future information will be sent home immediately regarding how to have discussions with students and how to keep everyone safe.