Grayson County grand jurors Wednesday returned a murder indictment against Christopher Harrell, 55, of Denison in the death of 54-year-old Michael Lindsey.

In a statement released earlier this month, the Sherman Police Department identified Lindsey, 54, as the person found deceased in a home in the 1500 block of West Gandy Street in Denison.

Lindsey was reported missing by his daughter after he failed to show up at work for several days and could not be contacted. Denison Police Department Lt. Mike Eppler said Lindsey had been shot twice in the chest.

Hampton said Harrell and Lindsey had been neighbors and Harrell was stopped, the same week that Lindsey's daughter reported him missing, in Lindsey's truck. He then, Hampton said, identified himself as Lindsey and produced Lindsey's driver's license. The officer who stopped Harrell took him at his word and released him.

“After they broke contact, the officer did a little bit more digging and then was able to get a hold of a family member to see if that was indeed the father and she said it was not,” Hampton said.

Grayson County court records indicate that Harrell is not represented by an attorney for indictments handed down this week.

Harrell was subsequently located at a hotel in Mount Pleasant and arrested on a charge of fraudulent use of identifying information.

Herald Democrat reporter Drew Smith contributed to this report.