A Denison man was arrested after he led police on a low-speed chase Tuesday night.

According to a Denison Police Department report published Wednesday, an officer attempted to pull the 20-year-old male motorist over for a traffic violation shortly before 10 p.m., but the man did not comply and instead drove to his residence in the 100 block of Vaughan Drive. Lt Mike Eppler said the man exceeded the speed limit, but kept his speed to roughly 40 miles per hour.

“He wasn’t driving particularly fast, he just didn’t stop,” Lt. Mike Eppler said. “He pulled up to his house and got arrested there at his house for evading.”

Eppler said the man told officers he was “scared” and “didn’t know what to do,” but Eppler added that the man had a criminal history which included at least one previous evasion conviction.

“Anytime you see an emergency vehicle coming up behind you or from any direction, if it’s going to impact you go ahead and pull over as safely and as quickly as you can,” Eppler said.