Editor's note: This article has been updated with addition comments from Bonham ISD Superintendent Marvin Beaty.

The Bonham Independent School District is pursuing charges against an LH Rather Junior High School student who said in online comments that he wanted to cause harm to at least one other student who was reportedly bullying him.

Bonham ISD Superintendent Marvin Beaty said the district learned of the 14-year-old student’s threats on Sunday night after another student saw them on Instagram and after other students confirmed that the boy had previously made similar statements while at school. Beaty described the threats as “generic” but said the district deployed a security team to the school as a precaution on Sunday.

Bonham Police Department Chief Mike Bankston said officers responded to the student’s home where he was subsequently interviewed and determined not pose an immediate threat.

“We went and located the young man last night and talked to him,” Bankston said. “And he admitted that he had made the statement. But he doesn’t have any guns, doesn’t have any access to guns.”

Beaty said the incident did not affect district operations or classes Monday, but he estimated that less than 100 students districtwide had been checked out of their schools Monday by concerned parents and families.

“If we thought that at any time, anyone was going to be in harm’s way, we would have used our emergency phone system and we would have shut school down for the day,” Beaty said. “But we did not feel like there was any chance of that.”

Beaty said district administrators also checked into the student’s claims that he had been bullied, but found no evidence to support them.

“As a matter of fact we’re finding just the opposite — that if there was anybody being aggressive is would have been that individual,” Beaty said.

The student did not attend classes Monday at the request of the district and Beaty declined to comment on when the student would be allowed back on campus, citing an ongoing review of statements and school records.

“We are pursuing terroristic threat charges,” Beaty said. “We are going to take this matter extremely serious. We’re just not going to have it.”