A variety of beautiful art by Henderson Junior High eighth grade advanced art students will be on display at TexasBank starting, Monday, Oct. 23, as an exhibit for the Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council’s Art in Public Places.

“I’m really excited for my students to get this opportunity,” said art teacher Misti Schulz. “Most art programs want quantity over quality and I like my students to experience art without a timeframe. I want them to work as an artist, so I gave them some extended time and I am proud of them. I love that their pieces are so different and I thought that was important for an art show.”

Schulz was asked to join the Art and Public Places program by the CTFAC’s Executive Director Julie Crouch Smith.

“Their program is amazing and I love the Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council,” Schulz said.

The E-T made a trip to HJH to check out the students’ work and talk to them about each piece.

“I’m kind of nervous but I think it’s cool that everyone gets to see what we’re doing; what the new generation is doing,” said Parker Plaxco.

The pieces were unique and colorful, ranging from fall scenes with paint to mixed media works and even lighting effects.

Dylan Aardal created a scene with an acrylic paint background and chalk white birch tree outlines. He scratched off the paint where the chalk is and placed lights in the back of his canvas. The effect lights up all the tree outlines.

“I feel like it turned out really good,” Dylan said. “I think everyone likes it, especially when it lights up.”

Emma Lannin created a piece she named Autumn Afternoon, depicting a big tree with splatter paint leaves and a fox trotting by.

“Instead of using real leaves, I decided to get watercolor to splatter and smear it around so it would have this blended look,” Emma said. “I absolutely love how it turned out and I think it’s one of my favorite pieces because it’s so different than what I usually do.”

All of the students were excited to showcase their work for the public.

“I think it’s great that they get to see what we’re making,” said Mia Tucker.

An artist reception will be held from 3-5 p.m. Friday, Nov. 3, at TexasBank.