Sherman’s Planning & Zoning Commission recently approved zoning changes from retail business districts to single-family districts for two planned houses to be built.

The commission approved zoning changes for properties at 1714 N. Woods Street and 112 W. Staples Street. The respective owners of the properties requested the changes, in two separate areas of the city, in order to construct new, single-family homes.

The request from Ron Barton of Barton Capital LTD for the property on North Woods Street went before the commission first. Barton said he requesting the zoning change in order to build a 1,182-square-foot brick home at the property.

“So currently this is in a short string of existing homes that are all commercial,” commission Chairman Clay Mahone said. “But at least on three sides, it’s residential.”

Barton said everything west of the property is zoned for residential and said his company removed the home that was previously on the property.

Sherman Director of Development Services Scott Shadden said the surrounding houses would also need to be rezoned if they were removed and the owners wanted to rebuild, but that wouldn’t be the case with a commercial development.

“He could (have a house among all commercial),” Shadden said of Barton. “He’s OK with that and everybody within 200 feet got a letter.”

None of the nearby property owners who received letters, or anyone else from the public, came forward to speak on the request and the commission approved the rezoning unanimously, which was also the case for the rezoning request for the property on West Staples Street.

Young Enterprises representative Todd Young said the West Staples Street property is on a side street of Travis Street near two churches.

“We believe there was a house on it originally, so it was probably zoned residential at one time,” Young said. “All we’re doing is wanting to change it back to single family and build a 1,200-square-foot house on it.”

Before approving the request, commission members asked whether the house in a picture provided to them would fit on the property, and Young expressed confidence it would.

“We built seven of these in Denison, so that’s one of them,” he said. “That’s the floor plan that we’re using for that lot.”