The S&S Consolidated Independent School District Board of Trustees voted to call for a $20.5 million bond election to fund a new middle school campus. The new campus would serve fifth through eighth grade and would be built on District-owned property in Sadler.

The current middle school was first constructed in 1939 with an addition in 1955 and another addition in the 1960’s. S&S Superintendent Roger Reed said the school board decided it was time to call for an election to determine whether or not a new middle school is needed.

“If the bond election was approved we would build a new facility and then we would determine what would take place with the current facility,” Reed said. “We would have some open discussions. Nothing has been determined yet.”

The new campus will include a storm shelter and room for future expansion. The current middle school was built to hold 225 students with a current total of around 200 students. The new 73,500-square-foot facility would house 20 core classrooms with a maximum capacity of 500 students. The functional capacity for the building would be closer to 375.

The bond will be funded by a tax rate increase from the current $.13 per $100 of taxable assessed valuation to $.45 per $100 of taxable assessed valuation. For homes with an appraised value of $100K the monthly impact will be $20.25. The monthly impact is an estimate and based on expected bond market conditions at the time of the bond issuance. To find your specific tax impact, visit the Tax Rate Calculator at

Reed said while the current middle school is large enough for the district’s current needs, the elementary campus located in Southmayd is over capacity. The new middle school would be large enough to house fifth through eighth-graders instead of the current sixth through eighth grade campus. Reed explained this would take the fifth-graders out of the overly crowded elementary and move them to the new campus.

“We have had some feedback that’s been very positive and we’ve had some feedback that is negative,” Reed said. “It is up to the individual to determine whether we need it and whether they want to pay for it. Unfortunately, new facilities do cost money. We encourage people to come by and tour the facility and come away with a comfortable decision.”

Those who are not yet registered have until Tuesday to register to vote in this election. Early voting begins Oct. 23 and runs until Nov. 3. Official election day is Nov. 7 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.