Two local restaurants failed their most recent inspections by the Grayson County Health Department.

The Grayson County Health Department rates restaurants and other establishments that serve food based on their adherence to codes set by the Texas Department of Health. Restaurants are given an “A,” “B,” “C” or “F” score. An “A” means sanitarians reported no or only a few minor violations. Those with a “B” were found to have several minor violations, but nothing major. Restaurants with a “C” might have a major violation or repeat offenses, but in the inspectors’ opinions, nothing bad enough to warrant an “F.” An “A” means sanitarians reported 10 or fewer demerits. Those with a “B” received 11-20 demerits. Restaurants with a “C” had 21-30 demerits and restaurants with “F” ratings received more than 30 demerits.

Tokyo Hibachi & Sushi, at 2916 Highway 75 in Sherman, and Genti’s Pizza, at 81750 Highway 289 in Pottsboro, both received failing “F” grades in the most recent rounds of inspections.

At Tokyo Hibachi & Sushi, the inspector noted a pan of raw chicken stored directly adjacent to a pan of raw shrimp in the walk-in cooler.

“Food of different cooking temperatures must be separated to prevent cross contamination,” the report stated.

It also noted that this was a repeat violation for the establishment. In addition, the report showed that the inspector found an improperly labeled spray bottle in the ware washing area and toxic chemicals that were stored above food products in the dry storage area and near the utensils in the ware washing area.

The inspector also found leaking pipes underneath the dishwasher. Additionally, the report noted that an employee did not know how to properly test the sanitizing levels in the dishwasher. The report said the sushi rice was being stored at room temperature.

“Vinegar is added to this rice to lower the pH and render it non-time, temperature control for safety food,” the report said. “This is considered a special process and for proper use of the procedure, a pH meter and distilled water must be available at this establishment to ensure the pH of the rice is below 4.6. Neither a pH meter nor distilled water was available during this inspection.”

The health department inspection report for Genti’s Pizza showed there was a cooler being used to hold pizza toppings that was not working. The report also listed a number of food products that were being stored directly on the floor. The report also said food products were not labeled properly and that potentially hazardous food products were not properly sealed when being stored. Some potentially hazardous foods were also stored without being properly date marked.

The following eateries received “C” grades on their most recent inspections:

Maraichi’s, 1909 Texoma Parkway, in Sherman;

Albertson’s, 100 E. Taylor, in Sherman.

The following eateries received “B” grades on their most recent inspections:

Sweetberries Cafe, 1835 Texoma Parkway, in Sherman;

Golden Chick, 1022 Highway 377 North, in Whitesboro;

Manuelito’s, 106 N. Main, in Collinsville;

Taco Bueno, 2204 Texoma Parkway, in Sherman;

Chik-Fil-A, 3500 Highway 75, in Sherman;

T-N-T, 201 S. Mirick, in Denison;

CiCi’s Pizza, 1900 N. Grand Avenue, in Sherman.

The following eateries received “A” grades on their most recent inspections:

Red River Cafe @ Lone Star, 4411 Hwy. 75 North, in Denison;

Tom Bean Elementary, 105 Eubanks, in Tom Bean;

Tom Bean High School, 7719 State Highway 11, in Tom Bean;

Tom Bean Middle School, 289 Franklin Road, in Tom Bean;

Deysi Elotes, 901 E. Lamar, in Sherman;

Fruit-titas, 513 S. Walnut, in Sherman;

Panaderia Gloria, 901 East Lamar, in Sherman;

Taco Cabana, 3721 Hwy. 75, in Sherman;

Cold Stone Creamery, 4062 Highway 75, in Sherman;

AFC Sushi @ Albertson’s, 100 E. Taylor, in Sherman;

Starbucks, 100 E. Taylor, in Sherman;

Arroyo’s, 81750 N. Highway 289, in Pottsboro;

Dollar General, 407 Highway 377, in Collinsville;

Dollar General, 630 Highway 377, in Whitesboro;

The Play House, 219 DeWitt, in Collinsville;

Cielito Lindo, 2300 W. Morton, in Denison;

Dollar General, 81940 Highway 289, in Pottsboro;

Dollar General, 702 E. F.M. 120, in Pottsboro;

Les Mesa Mexican Restaurant, 2124 Texoma Parkway, in Sherman;

Washington Elementary, 815 S. Travis Street, in Sherman;

Crutchfield Elementary, 521 S. Dewey Ave., in Sherman;

Fred Douglas Learning Center, 505 East College, in Sherman;

Jefferson Elementary School, 608 N. Lee Ave., in Sherman;

Dollar General, 122 E. Highway 69, in Denison;

Panda Express, 4030 North Highway 75, in Sherman;

Tanglewood Resort 19th Hole, 290 Tanglewood Circle, in Pottsboro;

Enderby Gas, 20544 N. Highway 377, in Whitesboro;

Stone Creek Golf Club, 2200 Clubhouse Drive, in Sherman;

Taco Casa, 1012 Highway 377 North, in Whitesboro;

Lone Star Food Store, 4411 Highway 75 North, in Denison;

Longhorn C Store, 7205 B. FM 691, in Denison;

La Real Michoacana Ice Cream Parlor, 1909 Texoma Parkway, in Sherman;

Lovejoy’s On Main Street, 138 E. Main Street, in Whitesboro;

Pirate Island, 104 N. Main, in Collinsville;

Healing Spring Ranch, 100 S. Texas Street, in Tioga;

Kiddie Kampus, 1500 W. Crawford Street, in Denison;

Sonic Drive-In, 3325 Hwy. 120 West, in Denison;

Triangle 66, 401 N. Hwy. 377, in Tioga;

American Legion Post 62, 419 Crawford Street, in Denison;

Grayson College Culinary Arts, 6101 Grayson Drive, in Denison;

Jalapeno Tree, 3520 W. FM 120, in Denison;

Sonic Drive-In, 3400 Highway 75 North, in Sherman;

Children’s Tree Learning Center, 2532 Highway 83 East, in Whitesboro;

Chipotle Mexican Grill, 875 Northcreek, in Sherman;

Collinsville Food Mart, 705 Highway 377, in Collinsville;

Grayson Place, 3001 Crawford Street, in Denison;

CJ’s Express, 623 West Main, in Denison;

Sno Kone Express Mobile, 17 Tribble Road, in Sherman;

Big Lots, 2222 Texoma Parkway, in Sherman;

Fraternal Order of Eagles Lodge, 211 W. Main Street, in Denison;

The Ya-Hoo Baking Company, 5302 Texoma Parkway, in Sherman;

Whistle Stop Car Spa, 3605 Texoma Parkway, Sherman;

Woodlands Place Rehabilitation Suites, 5600 Woodlands Trail, in Denison.