One woman was injured when the storage building she was staying in behind a Denison home caught fire early Wednesday morning.

Denison Fire Rescue Marshal John Weda said the fire broke out shortly after 2 a.m. and was located in the 1200 block of West Crawford Street. Weda said the fire destroyed a 300-square-foot “semi-storage, semi-living facility with no electricity, no running water” and was on the same property as a vacant, single-family home.

“She gave a statement to the paramedics that she had lit some candles before she went to sleep,” Weda said of the 47-year-old woman injured. “It sounds like she woke up due to the smoke or something and was able to get out of there.”

Weda said the woman did, however, sustain second-degree burns on more than 45 percent of her body and was transported to a Dallas-area hospital for treatment.

“Obviously when you’re going to sleep, please make sure that if you’re using candles to put them out before you do,” Weda said. “We recommend that even if you leave the room, you put them out and don’t leave them going in a room by themselves. Candles cause lots of fires.”

The Denison fire marshal added that structures without running water and electricity cannot be used as a place of residence.