The Denison Police Department said it had no new information Monday regarding its investigation of a man who was struck and killed by a moving train over the weekend.

Thomas Horn, 28, was killed Saturday night as he laid on the tracks near the Spur 503 railroad overpass. The train’s conductor, who was traveling south with a load of coal, told police that shortly before 10:50 p.m., he saw someone laying across the tracks and activated his horn and brakes to avoid a collision. The conductor told investigators the man did not respond to the train horn and he was subsequently struck and killed.

Lt. Mike Eppler said Horn had left his nearby home at approximately 10:40 p.m. after having an argument with his girlfriend. Eppler said it was approximately nine minutes between the time that Horn is believed to have left the home and the time that the engineer noticed someone on the track. Eppler said the investigation is ongoing but it is unclear what caused Horn to be on the track and why he didn’t respond to the train’s horn.