The Cinemark theater in Sherman recently completed a $1.44 million remodel that saw the installation of “luxury loungers” in all 12 of the theater’s auditoriums.

Cinemark Vice President of Marketing/Promotions Bryan Jeffries said the remodel went very smoothly, and the city recently approved plans for a new sign on the exterior of the theater’s building that will advertise the new seating.

“The final auditoriums were converted just before Labor Day,” Jeffries said via email. “We have had nothing but compliments from the customers in Sherman and have even seen new customers come because of the new recliners!”

The Sherman Planning & Zoning Commission’s board of adjustments recently granted an exception for the 435-square-foot sign that will advertise the “luxury loungers” on the east side of the building, facing U.S. Highway 75. Before the exception was granted, commission member Joe Gilbert asked whether there was an overlay district in place that limits the size of signage based on a building’s size, but Director of Development Services Scott Shadden explained that wasn’t the case here.

“There is on (FM) 1417,” Shadden said. “This is a reasonable request for this size building.”

Chandler Signs’ Deborah Mottz, who represented the item before the commission, said the sign was in proportion with the scale of the building.

“All the auditoriums are now upgraded to luxury loungers and what they’re trying to do is advertise the fact that they have put in all new comfortable chairs for all of the Sherman customers,” Mottz said. “Basically we have gone through and upgraded a lot of the locations for them and this is the standard size (sign) that we use for this. It’s not anything out of the ordinary.”

The exception was required because the addition of the “luxury loungers” logo and name under the existing Cinemark sign on the east side of the building exceeds the 300 square foot limit for signage allowed by city ordinance. The request was originally on the commission’s August agenda, but was tabled at the request of Mottz. She said she had a previous obligation that conflicted with the commission’s August meeting and thanked the commission members for allowing her to table the request until September.

Jeffries previously explained the new recliners are similar to the new chairs that were recently installed in North Texas Cinemark locations such as Allen, Plano and Grand Prairie. A Cinemark press release about a theater renovation in Webster last year states the Luxury Loungers are “electric-powered, plush, oversized lounge chairs with footrests and cup holders.”

A repair/remodel permit was issued by the city of Sherman on March 29 and gave the theater six months to start work on the remodel of the 31,309-square-foot interior of the business.

To make room for the larger chairs, Jeffries confirmed that some of the previous seating, which is in a stadium seating style, had to be removed. All theaters also now offer reserved seating. However, Jeffries previously confirmed the upgraded and reserved seating won’t have an impact on ticket prices.

The theater’s current ticket prices range from $6.90 for a matinee ticket during the week to $11.50 for a 3-D evening ticket, though Cinemark offers discounts for children, seniors and early bird screenings. It also offers discounted rates on Tuesdays of $7.75 for a ticket to a 3-D movie and $4.75 for a ticket to a movie in two dimensions.

In August, Cinemark Holdings Inc. reported its average ticket price for the second quarter of 2017 — across all of its theaters — was $6.48 and each customer spent an average of $3.78 on concessions. The company’s total revenues for the three month period were $751.2 million, which was a 0.9 percent increase from its revenues for the same period of 2016. Cinemark has been in operation at the Sherman Town Center shopping complex since 2003.