The Sherman Independent School District board of trustees approved the purchase of new uniforms for the Sherman High School band at its regularly scheduled meeting Monday. The current uniforms are 10 years old and in need of repair or replacement.

SISD follows a replacement cycle in which money is reserved from previous school years in order to pay for new uniforms every 10 years. The new outfits are set to be ready for the 2018-2019 school year with a maximum price of $176,000 for 310 uniforms.

The new design was created in conjunction with designers and band directors before being presented to district and campus administration, band students and band booster club parents. The design that was ultimately agreed upon was developed by DeMoulin Bros. & Company.

Director of Bands Ryan Jenkins said they wanted to keep the uniforms mostly traditional while also adding cutting edge touches.

“When we did this the last time, we understood that the maroon was the most important part of it,” Jenkins said. “So in order to stay as relevant and new as we could, we wanted to change something that wasn’t going to pop quite as much removing the maroon. The grey in the pants is more neutral than the black. It also hides certain things we want to have hidden.”

An SHS student was present at the meeting to model the new uniform. Jenkins explained more things were changed that might not be as evident at a glance as the shift from black to grey.

“The collar is a lot different from what it was before,” Jenkins said. “The jacket zips in the back and it drops on the side. We wanted it to be indicative of Sherman and maybe not use the name specifically to do that and so the undersides of the arms are black. To showcase when the kids turn, there will be a flash of different colors.”

One particularly evident change is the plume on top of the hat. Jenkins believes it to be unique at this time.

“The plume at the top, as I understand it, is the only one of its kind at the moment,” Jenkins said. “It’s an ombré from dark grey to light grey with flecking in the middle. This was a last minute addition. We are very proud of it and hope it will stay unique for years to come but I have a feeling that after people see it, it won’t remain unique for very long.”

The replacement of band uniforms is consistent with the district planning goal of building and expanding extra-curricular activities for students.