BONHAM — A Trenton man accused of sexually assaulting his children acquired an attorney Friday morning. Judge Laurine Blake appointed Micah Belden to represent Pedro Noria, who is charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child and continuous sexual assault of a child.

The allegations against Noria came to light back in September 2015 when Jhoel Noria, Pedro Noria’s 12-year-old son, was struck by an SUV and killed while waiting for a school bus near their home. In December of that year, police arrested the children’s mother, Noemi Isobel Noria on injury of a child charges for failing to supervise Jhoel. Then the other children in the household began to make outcries of abuse. Since then, Noemi Noria, her husband, Pedro Noria, and her elder son, Nelson Rodriquez, have all been charged with abusing the children.

In May, Sergio Maldonado Facundo was convicted of continuous sexual assault of a child against one of the couple’s children. Facundo was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for the charge.