The owner of Tanglewood Resort and Conference Center is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest after multiple light poles on the property were knocked down and stripped of their wiring in recent weeks.

Tanglewood owner Roger Thiltgen said the thief or thieves have struck multiple times since July and have targeted the light poles which line the resort’s main entrance road.

“I think we’ve had three or four different occasions now where somebody has chosen to come and ram them with a pickup, knock those street lights over, break them and steal the wire out to, presumably, sell it for some minor amount of money,” Thiltgen said.

Grayson County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Sarah Bigham said the agency has not yet identified any suspects, but said those responsible for the thefts have run up a hefty repair bill and could face serious charges.

“The estimated damage and theft (totals) $22,000,” Bigham said in an emailed statement. “Due to the amount of wiring that has been taken and the damage to the poles, this case is considered a felony case.”

Thiltgen said the thefts haven’t affected operations or safety at the resort, but they have created a headache for staff and management.

“Aesthetically, when you come in and see busted street lights, it’s not the best thing,” Thiltgen said. “And, naturally, it’s a big expense to keep replacing these things. You hate to put them back up and people are still doing it. It certainly is annoying.”

Those with information regarding the thefts are encouraged to call the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office at 903-813-4411 or email Investigator Jordan Clark at