Austin College students seeking their master’s degrees and above in health-related fields will soon be guaranteed an interview with the Texas Tech University Health Science Center thanks to a planned partnership between the two schools.

The agreement extends qualified Austin College students the chance to interview for Texas Tech’s graduate professional health sciences program. Students may choose from multiple disciplines under the TTUHSC umbrella, including speech, hearing and language sciences, rehabilitation sciences, public health, mental health, clinical laboratory sciences, nursing, pharmacy and medicine. To qualify for the admission interview, AC students must complete their first two undergraduate years at Austin College and meet additional criteria.

“As more students choose private colleges to begin their higher education, it is important we expand the opportunities available to them after their graduation,” TTUHSC President Tedd L. Mitchell said in a statement released by Austin College. “Austin College is home to some of the brightest students in Texas. These students are setting themselves up for success, and we look forward to their continued success and development as health care professionals at TTUHSC.”

Austin College’s Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Special Initiatives and Dean of Faculty Sheila Amin Gutiérrez de Piñeres said AC looks forward to enacting the agreement with Texas Tech and that its benefits will be far-reaching.

“As the health care profession seeks students who combine critical thinking with clinical training, the combination of an Austin College undergraduate degree and a TTUHSC graduate degree will serve both the state and the region well,” Pineres said in the release.

The agreement between Austin College and the Texas Tech University Health Science Center will be signed into effect Wednesday at the Austin College Idea Center Page Atrium at 11:30 a.m. For additional information, call 903-813-2000.