Dr. Howard Gregg Diamond, who runs a pain management office in Sherman at 500 E. Peyton Street was arrested Tuesday by the FBI.

Lauren Hagee, spokesperson for the FBI, confirmed Diamond’s arrest. Federal court records show that Diamond was appointed public defender Denise Benson to represent him on Tuesday by Federal Magistrate Judge Christine A. Nowak and is scheduled to appear before Nowak Friday. Benson could not be reached Tuesday evening.

This is not the first time the federal law enforcement has come calling on Diamond. In May, the Drug Enforcement Administration executed a search warrant at the Sherman office and collected records related to doctor’s prescription writing.

At that time, DEA Special Agent Elaine Cesare said the agents were investigating Diamond’s writing of prescriptions for pain medication.

A federal indictment for Diamond was returned on July 6 but is currently sealed in the federal records database. Those records do show that Diamond pleaded not guilty to the charges against him at an appearance on Tuesday and indicate that the indictment includes 21 counts and that the government is seeking forfeiture in the case.

In August of 2015, the Texas Medical Board found that Diamond had failed to maintain adequate medical records documenting his care and treatment of chronic pain patients, according to records available online from the Texas Medical Board.

“Although a large number of patient records were reviewed and found lacking in detail, with certain pages missing, the Panel found that (Diamond’s) prescribing was appropriate and his rationale well-considered,” the documents state.

The records show that Diamond didn’t admit to or deny the charges against him but agreed to a remedial plan with the Board. The panel found no standard of care violations, and Diamond was said to have cooperated with the investigation. He was ordered to complete eight house of continuing education in medical record keeping. The remedial plan ended in September 2016 when Diamond completed the requirements.

Herald Democrat reporter Alex Maxwell contributed to this report.