The Sherman Independent School District has welcomed Katie Morris to the Bearcat family — a new employee to fill a newly-created position.

Morris will serve as the district’s Coordinator of Postsecondary Readiness and Career and Technology Education at Sherman High School. In the role, she will assist counselors on college and career initiatives, increase dual-credit opportunities for students, and ensure that all have promising post-graduation plans.

“My passion was always to become a career counselor,” Morris said. “Those kinds of jobs are hard to find, but this position was perfect. I’ll get to work with the teachers on getting the kids ready for life after high school and not everybody is college bound, so, this allows us to get them ready with industry certifications and experiences. I think it’s a great opportunity for me, but more importantly for the kids.”

The district’s newest team member comes to Sherman ISD with her master’s degree in counseling and 11 years of CTE teaching experience within the Lewsiville, Rockwall and Garland independent school districts. Morris officially took on the role just two weeks ago, but has already gotten her feet wet with daily meetings and even spent one week working for Emerson Process Management as part of the Business Education for Teachers program.

“It has been extremely fast paced and exciting,” Morris said of her first few days on the job. “There’s a lot of work to do, but also a lot of room for potential growth throughout the district. I’m really excited about that.”

Sherman ISD Assistant Superintendent of Engagement and Student Services Tamy Smalskas said Morris’ new position was redeveloped from a single CTE coordinator role and was done so to align with the district’s increased focus on college and career preparedness. Smalskas said she was glad to bring Morris on board and felt her skills would be valuable to the district.

“I’m thrilled she is here,” Smalskas said. “Not only does she know the need for leading a solid CTE program, but she also has her counseling certification and understands the counseling perspective of what students need.”

Morris said her only major concern thus far with the position was fitting her full title on a business card and added that she was looking forward to connecting students with area employers and vice versa. She said her primary goal will be to ensure that all students feel well prepared for life after high school.

“I’m very passionate about students and their futures,” Morris said. “That is what my heart is set on — making sure that these kids follow their passions and that they have something to look forward to after graduating.”