This week I took Robert Scott and Jennifer Davis Thompson’s advice and made my way over to Pop’s Place in Sherman.

Facility: I had heard some very good things about this restaurant before actually going. The comments weren’t usually directed toward the food but were more pertaining to the manager, Cody, and how he makes the experience great.

The minute we walked in, there was a friendly voice that said, “Ladies have a seat wherever you’d like.” The first thing I noticed was how clean this restaurant was and how pleasant the smell was coming in the door. My guest and I chose a booth and within a minute the server came to assist us. I think she said her name was Tiffany.

Food: Both my guest and I ordered Dr Pepper ($2.29). The week before, my guest and I had discussed not ordering sodas with our meals and this turned out to be quite the joke all throughout our meal. Tiffany jokingly assured us there were no calories in our drinks.

In reviewing the menu, I noticed there was not an appetizer section. When we asked our server about it, she paused and then said she could get us some homemade onion rings ($4.99). So we chose that as our appetizer. The onion rings were huge and they were served with ranch dressing. I added a little salt to the rings and the onions were cooked perfectly. They were not too soft and not too crunchy, but just right.

For my dinner, I ordered the mushroom burger and fries ($8.79). This is a hamburger with sautéed garlic mushrooms, Swiss cheese and all the veggies. The presentation of the food was great. While the burger was good, the flavor I picked up on was coming from the garlic mushrooms. One thing I try to consider is if there is an added ingredient, it might be hard to find a comparable seasoning that doesn’t take away from the added ingredient. The fries, to me, looked like shoestring potatoes. Both were served hot.

My guest ordered the chicken-fried chicken ($10.99) with two sides. She ordered green beans and mashed potatoes. This meal is also served with a side salad. I was a little concerned about her when she didn’t order country gravy on her chicken-fried chicken or her potatoes. I had no idea she didn’t like gravy. The chicken came out golden brown. She said it was flavorful, though maybe slightly overcooked. I don’t think she came up for air until all the green beans were gone. I can only assume they were good. She said the potatoes were just OK.

It took 19 minutes to receive our food, from the point that we ordered it.

We asked about dessert, and Tiffany told us about all of the choices they offer. We settled on chocolate pie ($2.99). We received this huge piece of pie with meringue topping. Once again, it reminded me of my grandma. She always made pies from scratch and they were divine. This pie was that good.

Final thoughts: I am giving Pop’s Place 4.5 forks.

If you are looking for good food and a great atmosphere, I would encourage you to try this place. I also hear they serve an incredible breakfast.

Last week, I failed to say thank you to those of you who responded to my question pertaining to seasoning foods. I really did feel it was a legit question and that based on the clientele, they may or may not want to season the food. I know some people, for health reasons, prefer to season their own food. I have to assume, in the places that claim to have good homestyle cooking, this might be a bit more prevalent.

As I have made my way through the Sherman, Denison and Pottsboro areas, going to all of these restaurants, there’s been a common thread throughout — there are a lot of really great, hardworking people in our community. Every time I have encountered someone who has enhanced my dining experience, I am thankful that I live in this community.

Where did you eat this week, that was memorable for you? I did eat at Byrd and Mike’s this week with one of my friends and once again our server was fantastic.

I have four more burgers I would like to try before we wrap up the best burger segment, so stay tuned. Thanks for reading.