Customers looking to pick up food from Texas Roadhouse in Sherman will soon have a dedicated entrance.

The Sherman Planning & Zoning Commission recently approved a site plan for a “to go” addition to the restaurant, and the commission’s Board of Adjustments granted an exception to allow the addition to have the same exterior finish as the rest of the building.

“They’re wanting to add basically a side room onto one of their emergency exit doors and turn it into a to-go area,” Ameritech Facility Services’ Mike Marnell, who represented Texas Roadhouse, said to the commission. “Basically, it’s a room with a counter in it.”

Plans provided to the commission show the 10 foot by 17 foot “to go” addition will be added to the north side of the restaurant’s building and also include a waiting area for customers picking up orders.

When commission member Sean Vanderveer inquired about the new room being added on at the emergency exit, Director of Development Services Scott Shadden said the restaurant won’t be exempted from having that exit.

“They’ll still have to meet the building codes,” Shadden said.

The variance approval will allow the addition to have an exterior facade of cedar with a brick wainscot instead of the masonry normally required by city ordinance.

In May 2015, the commission approved a site plan for an outdoor waiting area at the restaurant and also received a variance for a previous addition in June 2013.

“Are you all ever going to get done?” commission Vice Chairman Kyle Patterson asked with a laugh.

Marnell explained he knew the restaurant had done previous additions, but this was the first time his company has been involved.

“They’re growing — I’ll put it that way,” Marnell said. “They need the space.”

Both the board of adjustments and commission approved the restaurant’s requests unanimously, though commission member Eric Elliott was absent from the meeting.