The Plano Bomb Squad responded to Bonham after an incendiary device was discovered planted inside a vehicle Saturday morning.

A man driving in the 100 block of West Denison Avenue discovered smoke emitting from his vehicle. Bonham Police Chief Mike Bankston said when the man stopped, he found the smoke was coming from a device attached to the vehicle’s motor.

“When the fire department saw it, they called us, and we called the bomb squad because we didn’t know what it was,” Bankston said.

Bomb squad personnel responded and determined it was an incendiary device, though Bankston noted it was poorly made. The device caused minimal damage to the vehicle, and Bankston said it did not appear the device was constructed to harm a person — just the vehicle.

“I think it was an intentional act to cause the car harm,” Bankston said. “It wouldn’t have exploded — it might have burned enough in front of the motor to cause some damage.”

The bomb squad was on site for about 30 minutes. Bankston said police have not arrested a suspect, and they do not yet know why the device was planted.

“We’re looking, but it’s the kind of thing that could be for revenge; it could be mischief just done to someone else,” Bankston said.

Bankston said the suspect could have possibly found the plans for such a device on the internet, and the device had a limited capacity to cause damage.

“It was not a terrorist act; it was not good device,” Bankston said. “At its best, it would have burned and caused the motor some damage.”

The suspect could be facing an arson charge, but elevated or additional charges could come forward depending on where the investigation leads, Bankston said.

“Fortunatly, no one was hurt,” Bankston said. “We’ll continue the investigation and try to determine who the suspect was and why it was done.”