The Jalapeño Tree chain could return to Sherman at some point, the company president said.

The Sherman restaurant closed on Wednesday and all of its staff were transferred to the Denison location.

Jalapeño Tree Holdings LLC President Paul Bambrey said he wouldn’t rule out a return to Sherman in the future. He said he hasn’t found a location in Sherman yet that excites him, but it could happen.

Bambery also said if he found something in Sherman, he would want to own the property so he didn’t have to worry about lease negotiations.

Customers took to social media earlier this week to show support for the Sherman location that opened in 2007 at 2916 North U.S. Highway 75, suite 100.

Bambrey said this was not the first time he had to close a restaurant over a lease. He said thankfully in this situation the other store is close enough that patrons can easily reach it and continue to enjoy the restaurant’s food and atmosphere. Even though closing the Sherman store means the Denison store now has twice the staff it once had, Bambrey said he thinks there will be plenty of business to keep everyone busy.

The Denison location, at 3520 FM 120, opened in 2005.

In March, Sherman’s Planning and Zoning Commission granted permission for a liquor store to open in the spot occupied, at that time, by the Jalapeño Tree. At that time, management for both the restaurant and the property owners said there were no plans for the eatery to close or move.

In May, the Sherman City Council approved the specific use permit granted by the Planning & Zoning Commission to allow Reggis Liqour #75 to open a liquor store in the space.

Tava Property LLC’s Dave Valdez, who manages the property where the restaurant was located, said the lease negotiations were confidential and declined to discuss them.