As part of its Economic Development Week celebration, the Sherman Economic Development Corp. presented employees at Nature’s Source a thank you banner along with the company’s final incentive agreement payment.

The SEDCO board approved a $7,965 incentive agreement with the company last year for work on a tank farm it purchased. The company’s $159,300 capital investment included one new job to clean and rehab the large storage tanks it purchased on the land behind its property at 307 E. Mulberry St.

The first payment of $3,200 was presented to the company in April 2016 and board Chairman Greg Kirkpatrick presented the final $4,765 payment to Nature’s Source’s Deborah Clark and Keely Hawkins on Thursday.

The thank you banner was part of a week of presentations of appreciation at 22 local industries by SEDCO staff as part of Economic Development Week. The celebration coincides with the International Economic Development Council’s National Economic Development Week, which was created to raise awareness of local programs that create jobs, increase quality of life and further career development opportunities. On Tuesday, SEDCO President John Plotnik said the presentations were a way to recognize the employees of Sherman.

“People will always honor a company, but when was the last time people honored the employees that make up that company?” Plotnik said.