Hickory House Bar-B-Que sits in the middle of Denison. Established in 1975 their claim is to be different than most Texas BBQ places because of their cooking methods. The restaurant cooks pit-style barbecue, meaning “meats are cooked in an enclosed pit at low temperatures, using indirect heat, from slow-burning hickory wood,” the restaurant’s website says.

From brisket, pork ribs, pit ham, pulled pork, smoked sausage, hot links and smoked turkey breast the restaurant has everything you’d expect.

Location: Where the restaurant sits there are plenty of parking options should they need more.

As we made our way in the building, I felt I took a trip back in time with the décor. It took my to a much simpler time, my childhood. On the left side of the building there is a candy shop. I loved just walking through and reminiscing about the past. From a variety of candies to sodas in the bottles, all of it put a smile on my face. My guest is a cake decorator so she got super excited to see the various sixlets that she uses on her cakes that can be purchased in bulk by color.

To the right is the menu as well as the food line. Ordering you food is a little like going through a cafeteria. The one catch is you get your own sides. There isn’t anyone waiting on you.

Food: We ordered our sandwiches first. I got the brisket sandwich dinner ($8.59). It includes 2 sides. I opted for the fried okra and potato salad. The sandwich was really tender and it was on the freshest bread. I don’t know what they put in their BBQ sauce but it is some of the best I have had. The fried okra was cooked perfect and the mustard base potato salad was perfectly cooked with wonderful flavors.

My guest ordered the Texan Sandwich ($10.49). It’s a hoagie style bun with ham, brisket and cheese. The blend of the flavors really compliment one another. Her two sides were green beans and potato salad. The green beans were seasoned just right and tender.

For dessert I had peach cobbler. The peaches were sweet and there was a hint of cinnamon flavor. I prefer a flaky crust and there’s was some sort of mushy style crust. Doesn’t mean it was bad, flaky is just my preference.

They serve Coke products and tea.

The gentleman slicing the meat seemed to be all business. Not much interaction other than making your sandwich and move on. The young man at the register was so kind. He explained how things worked. He also came out to ask us what we thought. He seemed genuinely interested in our feedback since I said I had never been there.

Since you have to go through a line there is no waiting.

The atmosphere inside was very relaxed. Booths or tables are available for your seating preference.

Final thoughts: This was a really neat experience for me. I have lived here a very long time and never been here. I will go back.

My curiosity question this week is, when places of business have such limited hours do you arrange your schedule to meet their business hours or do you go to establishments where they are open standard business hours? When someone closes before 5 are they missing out on business or does it matter? I know my job has me at work until 5.