With plans for a gated 48-house neighborhood outside Pottsboro, a new $13 million development named Whispering Meadows is set to break ground next month.

DiVine Homes is planning to develop a 22-acre plot located off Georgetown Road near State Highway 289 into houses in the upper mid-range market. Chuck DiVine, the company’s president, said the project will be completed in eight phases with construction lasting three years or less.

“The first phase is 14 homes, and during the first phase we will put in all of the new roads and utilities for the job — the playground areas and the pond,” DiVine said. “We will have a sales center that will open up probably on April 1.”

Robin DiVine, the secretary for the company, said the homes will be built in Craftsman style in one of the 12 different house plans that range from 1,400 to more than 3,000 square feet.

“These are very different from anything else in the area; these are not your average stick and brick homes,” Chuck DiVine said.

Construction is expected to begin in mid-April, DiVine said, and a groundbreaking ceremony is in the works for that time. The houses will be sold on site through the company, and he said they expect to deliver the first 14 homes in January 2018.

DiVine said this project will help fill in the gap of lacking new homes in the area in this price range.

“It’s a $13 million project — it’s going to bring a lot of work to the community, it’s going to bring some needed housing in the $180,000 to $220,000 price range,” DiVine said. “There’s less than a two month supply of any type of housing on the market out here, and there’s no new housing in that price range.”

Denise Smith, the Pottsboro city secretary, noted the development is outside city limits and will not be on city utilities. She said it’s in the extraterritorial jurisdiction area so the city and the county must both approve it. The neighborhood will be situated in the Pottsboro Independent School District.

“It’s not going to be tax base with the city, and it’s not going to be on city water,” Smith said. “So basically the only skin in the game we have is making sure that it’s built to the city and the county’s standards.”

DiVine said based on how the development comes along, they could expand it to neighboring lots, growing the overall home count for the area.

“We actually have an option on a larger piece of property that connects to this,” DiVine said. “So if sales go well, eventually this could be a very large community somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 homes.”