Following repeated food service violations, a local eatery retrained all of its food managers this week. This comes as Golden Corral, located at the corner of Loy Lake Road and U.S. Highway 82, received an “F” on a recent inspection and then a “C” during a follow-up inspection.

“Due to multiple priority items observed out of compliance, and failure to demonstrate knowledge of proper procedures, all current food managers must repeat an approved food manager certification by 1/23/17 and submit it to the GCHD (Grayson County Health Department). If not completed, a citation can/will be issued,” a health department report from the latest inspection said.

GCHD Sanitarian Katy Osbourn said the restaurant has since submitted the receipts and documentation stating that its three managers have since been retrained.

During the inspection of the restaurant in December, health department inspectors recorded a total of 45 demerits, giving the restaurant an “F” rating and requiring a second inspection. An “F” rating is given if a restaurant receives 30 or more demerits during an inspection.

In the required follow-up inspection, the restaurant improved its score, but only received a “C” for its efforts. During the inspections, four priority items that needed to be corrected were noted, including one that the restaurant was issued a citation for during the second inspection.

“It was a bunch of items that added up, but there were several priority items,” Osbourn said.

The report for the second inspection notes that staff were found putting leftover food from the previous night back on the buffet line. These leftovers were place on top of fresh food on the salad bar. When asked about this, staff told inspectors that the food was indeed reserved from the previous night, but was never allowed to reach 40 degrees.

With the training complete, Osbourn said inspectors will conduct a follow-up walk through in the near future, but will not issue a grade for this inspection. The next scheduled inspection for the facility will be in about six months, she added.

Herald Democrat Criminal Justice Editor Jerrie Whiteley contributed to this report.