Most everyone eats left over food at home, but one local eatery recently learned that leftovers don’t belong on the buffet line.

The Grayson County Health Department rates restaurants and other establishments that serve food based on their adherence to codes set by the Texas Department of Health. Restaurants are given an “A,” “B,” “C” or “F” score. An “A” means sanitarians reported no or only a few minor violations. Those with a “B” were found to have several minor violations, but nothing major. Restaurants with a “C” might have a major violation or repeat offenses, but in the inspectors’ opinions, nothing bad enough to warrant an “F.” An “A” means sanitarians reported 10 or fewer demerits. Those with a “B” received 11-20 demerits. Restaurants with a “C” earned 21-30 demerits and restaurants with “F” ratings had more than 30 demerits.

Golden Corral, 900 E. U.S. Highway 82, in Sherman saw its most recent inspection by the Health Department improve, but not by that much. A few weeks ago, the buffet restaurant received an “F” on its inspection. When an establishment fails the inspection, they are told what to do to make changes and are then inspected again. That second inspection happened on Jan. 12 and resulted in a “C” grade.

One of the problems noted on the inspection sheet garnered the eatery a citation from the health department as well as a low score. The inspection sheet said the staff was found to be putting leftover food from the night before back on the buffet line. The leftovers were being placed on top of the fresh food on the salad bar. When asked about the situation, the report said, the manager told the inspector that the food had been placed on the buffet the night before but it never was allowed to reach above 40 degrees.

“Food served on a buffet line is never to be reserved once it has been taken from the buffet line,” the inspection report stated.

The leftover food in question was thrown out.

The report also noted a black mold-like substance in several areas of the restaurant, including on some drink dispensers, on a wall behind a sink and on an ice bucket.

The report noted that, “due to multiple priority items observed out of compliance, and failure to demonstrate knowledge of proper procedures, all current food managers must repeat an approved food manager certification by 1/23/17 and submit the certifications to the GCHD. If not completed a citation can/will be issued.”

The only other establishment to get anything below a “B” on the most recent round of inspections was Donut Palace, 430 S. Armstrong, in Denison. It received a “C” grade as well. The inspection report showed the sausage and egg biscuits and croissants were being held at the improper temperatures and were held in a bakery display that did not provide any temperature control. The inspection report also showed that the restaurant was not properly keeping track of the times that the various foods were being held at various temperatures.

The following establishments received a “B” grade on their most recent inspections:

Church’s Chicken, 501 N. Austin Avenue, in Denison;

7 Store, 32210 N. Hwy. 377, in Gordonville;

Old Iron Post, 101 N. Travis, in Sherman;

Hot ‘n Creamy Donuts, 700 Hwy. 120, in Pottsboro;

JBS Mart, 2116 N. FM 1417, in Sherman;

Passport Austin Ave., 1420 S. Austin Ave., in Denison;

Dollar General, 220 Sunset Blvd., in Sherman.

The following establishments received an “A” on their most recent inspections:

Hilton Garden Inn, 5015 S. U.S. Hwy. 75, in Denison;

Geno’s Pizzeria, 223 Gene Autrey, in Tioga;

Ken’s Donuts, 1426 W. Morton, in Denison;

Texas Oasis, 228 S. Ray Roberts Pkwy., in Tioga;

Department of Juvenile Services, 86 of Dyess, in Denison;

Hannah’s BBQ, 83493 N. State Highway 289, in Pottsboro;

La Quinta Inn & Suites, 801 U.S. Highway 75, in Denison;

Mistry C-Store, 5018 Texoma Parkway, in Denison;

Mo’s Grill @ Highport, 120 Texoma Harbor Dr., in Pottsboro;

Tackle Box, 83924 N. Hwy. 289, in Pottsboro;

Cinemark 12, 3310 Town Center Street, in Sherman;

Lucky Stop, 5006 Hwy. 1417 in Denison;

Quality Suites, 2900 N. U.S. Hwy 75, in Sherman;

B&R Burgers & Stuff, 930 S. Austin, in Denison;

Doughboy Donuts, 206 W. Texas, in Denison;

Cherry Asian Market, 4909 Texoma Parkway, in Sherman;

Dollar General, 2222 Texoma Parkway, in Sherman;

Golden Chick, 151 S. Henry Hynds Expressway, in Van Alstyne;

Happy Stop, 300 Charlie Drive, in Whitesboro;

Home a la Mode, 611 W. Main, in Denison;

La Hacienda Mexican Grill, 2400 East Hwy. 82, in Whitesboro;

Mama Suzy’s Sweets & Eats, 1392 Bennett, in Howe;

Nutrition 180, 4520 Texoma Parkway, in Sherman;

Oink BBQ mobile, 3210 Texoma Parkway, in Sherman;

Sandusky Store, 25524 Hwy. 377 North, in Whitesboro;

Don’s Barbecue, 21852 U.S. Highway 377, in Whitesboro;

McDonald’s, 871 Hwy. 377, in Whitesboro;

Preston Center Convenience, 83462 N. Hwy. 289, in Pottsboro;

Roma’s Pizza, 682 FM 120 E. #9, in Pottsboro;

Brookshire’s, 11205 N. Hwy. 289, in Pottsboro;

Dollar General, 702 E. FM 120, in Pottsboro;

Elevate Nutrition, 115 E. Wall Street, in Sherman.